Charming Asian Girls

Let us presume that you are finally taking a trip to Asia to meet your Asian girlfriend. You have spent a lot of time planning for this trip and you really want to have a great experience that would lead your relationship towards something more serious. This article lists 3 first date ideas you can pick from for that important first date.

Before we get there, if you are dating someone younger then surprise her with matching outfits custom made for the both of you. It can be shirts, bags, jackets, rings and so on. Matching is very hot in many Asian countries and couples are keen to show off them being together to the world. You can have shirts printed with your pet names to give her a great surprise. If you are a western man this may seem very tacky to you but it is a part of the Asian culture and it will make your girlfriend happy.

First Date Ideas

1. Themed Coffee Shops

Coffee is popular no matter where you go on the planet and Asia is no exception to that. It will probably never go out of style. In Asia there Charming Asian Girls are plenty of themed coffee shops that make coffee even more exciting. Taking your girlfriend to a themed coffee shops shows how you have put effort into doing research on her culture and also gives you plus points for cuteness. Some of the most popular themes are puppy and cat cafés, cartoon themed cafés and board game cafés. Depending on what your girlfriend likes, there most likely is a café that matches her taste.

2. Towers, Bridges and Lovelocks

Just like with the bridges of Seine and many others in Europe, lovelocks are a huge part in the Asian dating world. Over there it is a bit more popular to climb to the top floor of the highest tower where couples profess their undying love for each other with locks that are etched with their initials. It is thought that as long as the lock remains, the love will stay strong. The key to the lock is thrown away to make sure it stays there. In Seoul it is the N Seoul Tower or the Namsan Tower. There is a teddy bear museum you can visit on your way to the top or on your way down.

3. Water!

There are plenty of amazingly beautiful bodies of water around Asia. There are plenty of cool boat trips you can take with your Asian girlfriend. Also there is something incredibly romantic about walking by a rives when its dark outside. If you are sure that your girlfriend is into being outdoors you can also take her hiking to some of the amazing sites.

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