Love knows no boundaries. As many romantics will argue, love should transcend age, ideologies, social status, beliefs, and even geographical boundaries. Thanks to modern technology, love is possible in many ways, despite the daily challenges that life throws at us. Technologies such as video calls and social networking sites aid long distance relationships and online dating. While Russian dating sites help people find the love of their life regardless of race and geographic location.

russian dating sites
russian dating sites

With these kinds of technologies, they make us wonder, why would people exert effort to meet other people around the globe? Why are we so entangled with the idea that we should love, and be loved in return? Perhaps humans are social creatures.

No matter how independent a certain person is, one would still yearn for company. The idea that someone out there is willing to offer an emotional connection regardless of the distance, and differences are both exciting and comforting, and to avail these emotional needs, even online dating through online dating sites would sound appealing.

The use of Russian dating sites and even the practice of online dating may seem absurd and superficial among traditional cultures, but then again, people from all walks of life from many cultures would venture with online dating, taking risks to find true love.

A vast amount Russian dating sites are prevalent on the world-wide web. Thanks to these sites, which are easily accessible worldwide, the interracial relationships which were taboo many decades ago, are now easily made possible. It is said that the use of such community gave rise to such international phenomena.

Online dating becomes an advantage. People, especially professionals who do not have time to invest on fancy dates and traditional courtship, may find this convenient. This set up may also mitigate racial discrimination banking on the idea that indeed, love knows no boundaries. International relationships may also bring growth to people involving in it, as having a partner from a different background may introduce a different perspective to his or her partner, enhancing open-mindedness and respect towards differences. In simple terms, this setup widens one’s horizons.

Online dating setup is helpful, although it can also cause harm (after all love is not a bed of roses all the time). Russian dating sites, when used with caution, is potentially a truly good avenue for finding a fairy tale love story. This ‘love catalyst’ should be examined critically, always looking at the two sides of the coin.

Alex Vidal