Experience: I lost the ability to orgasm

I hadn’t even had much sex yet, and I felt that a part of myself that I hadn’t explored was already lost

A couple of weeks after my 30th birthday, in October 2013, I woke to find my body had gone numb from the waist down. I could still walk, but with difficulty. I thought I’d put my back out, but a few days later my GP sent me to A&E, where they used a can of ice spray on my legs to test my levels of sensation: I could barely feel anything.

After more tests, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Obviously, this was a major shock – you don’t expect to be told something so drastic, especially at 30 – but I’d felt for a while that something was wrong with me. People thought I was making up feeling so tired all the time, or that I was lazy, so my diagnosis also brought with it a sense of validation.

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