Do’s and Don’ts in Chinese Dating

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It can be said that “beauty is made in China”. Chinese women are a blend of eastern and western values with stunning personalities that may surprise you. These gentle women are dedicated, loyal and patient. The best thing in Chinese women is their respect and affection for their family and loved ones. They have true idea of pure love with devotion and sincerity. Spending a life and loving a Chinese girl is totally worth it. Their patience and courtesy make men go crazy for these innocent girls.

While you go for Chinese dating it must be kept in consideration that Chinese culture is in stark contrast with all other cultures of Eastern and Western world. They have their own values and reservations. To experience a perfect relationship with a Chinese girl you must have to understand the Chinese nature first to give a perfect shot. Be careful about the points mentioned:

How to Behave During a Conversation

Chinese women have a personality full of knowledge and beauty. They are captivating in looks and perfect orators. They have a grip on almost every topic from business to family values. While talking to a Chinese girl you can never get bored. She will show interest in conversation except the taboo topics that must be avoided in front of them. Chinese are confident in talking about everything except “sex”. Chinese women are not modern enough to frankly talk about this topic and they feel insulted if someone starts this topic with them. They tend to blush and feel shy. Their cultural traditions don’t allow them to get into such subject in conversations with opposite gender.

Physical Contact

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Chinese lady don’t like men who get tactile with them. These innocent and shy girls are not supposed to develop intimate contact with counterparts before getting married to them. Even Chinese ladies dislike the men with habits of touching casually or poking with hands. It makes them unconfident and they feel awkward. However, you can console a Chinese girl if she is sad by touching her hands. Chinese ladies respect love in relationships but never make them smell lust in your touch. She will hate it badly.


Chinese appreciate all the good traits a practical minded person can have. They demand punctuality in meetings and dates. Chinese girls like men who are responsible and men of their words. Showing up on time is of crucial importance if your want to turn your date in a time well-spent.

Winning a Chinese heart is easy with your nice manners but keeping the love in tune is pretty tough because of the sensitive nature and sophisticated lifestyle of Chinese pretty ladies.