Dos And Don’ts When Approaching Asian Women Online

Let’s be honest, most foreign guys looking to date Asian women online have no idea how to approach them. How do we know that? Research. Plenty of evidence can be found in dating forums where Asian girls talk about how the Western men just do not have a clue. A lot of them are racist in their approach or even overall creepy. You don’t want to be one of those guys. That is where this article comes in. Let’s see what are the most important do’s and don’ts when approaching Asian women online.

DON’T: Assume Anyone’s Ethnicity

Asian womenJust because you think that someone looks…Chinese, does not mean you should believe that they are. Or even worse, ask where in China are they from. There is little more annoying than someone assuming where you are from. We all like to tell people about it ourselves. Simply tell the ladies where you are from and politely ask them to do the same.

DO: Keep It Short And Sweet

Your first message should not be a grand opening to an essay. Simply introduce yourself and say hello. That is how you catch attention in the international dating scene. When you date locally, it takes a bit more than that but remember that you are writing to someone whose first language isn’t English. So, short and sweet is the way to go.

DON’T: Discuss All Your Asian Experiences

You don’t want to leave the impression that the fact that the woman you are talking to is Asian is somehow really noteworthy. Wouldn’t it be strange if she was very excited about you being a white guy? Don’t bring up your Asian friends and random dinners you have had in some Asian restaurant.

DO: Discuss What You Found Fascinating On Her Profile

That is the best way to break the ice in international dating and in your case when dating Asian women. Go through her profile, see what seems interesting and bring that up in conversations. Perhaps you share some common interests? When you move from email to chat, keep in mind that she may not have had a lot of opportunities to practice English so don’t overcomplicate what you are saying.