Does your boss keep emailing you 24/7? The French have a solution for you | Sohaila Abdulali

Ministers in France decided it was time to pass a ‘right to disconnect’ law to free workers from their ‘electronic leashes’. We need that in the US, too

In the sometimes-good old days, you could simply take your phone off the hook and actually shut out the world while you concentrated on your dinner, your book or your lover. Of course, you can unplug now as well, but if you work for a company where everyone else toils around the clock, it’s tough to do. You might even risk damaging your career if you try. But fret not. There is now hope from across the seas.

The French have found a way to free workers from the tyranny of octopus-like bosses and co-workers who send their tentacles through space and into your bedroom or your porch. As of New Year’s Day, they are protected by a new law establishing workers’ “right to disconnect”.

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