The dating game is a difficult one full of many potential pitfalls, especially when you first meet someone online. When humans communicate, they take most of their social cues from non-verbal communication such as body language and even tone of voice, so when you date online you do not have these to help you, and it is very easy to take things out of context or in the wrong way. It is not difficult to adjust your technique to an online setting, but there are some key things that in you should remember to help you navigate any potential misunderstandings. Read on to discover our top three tips. read the full post

one that got away

A recent survey of both men and women in their 70’s shows that 1/7 of them still pine after the one that got away, a lost love and a relationship that to this day, they believe had not yet run its course. Many of us will have someone likes this, someone we keep close to our heart and never far from our minds despite moving on both in our lives and our relationships. read the full post