Dating Trend In Vietnam – Its Distinction Importance trends change throughout the world all the time. What’s the norm in America may be taken as too forward in Asia. The trends in Australia may seem weird to people in Europe. Every country’s dating trends vary on the basis of culture and their respective media. Thanks to the onset of globalization, the world now seems to exist in a digital bubble. This has also bought people very close together, and may be causing a lot of dating trends to change. Vietnam, which is one of the most popular dating places, is also updating its dating trends to be able to run with the rest of the world. But is the dating trend in Vietnam still different from the rest of the world?

The answer is yes! While there are many trends in which Vietnam has loosened its cultural bindings, there are still some trends where culture and tradition come first. One such trend is asking the parents for the girl’s hand in marriage before proposing to the girl. In the west, most people usually propose to the girl directly with the ring and everybody finds out through phone calls or through pictures. The culture of Vietnam puts parents of the girl at a very respectable place and it is sought after to get their blessings first, before asking the girl to marry. Not only is that a great gesture, but it also shows that the son-in-law will be highly respectful of the girl’s family and wants their approval. In some cases, the family of the boy will go with him to ask for the girl’s hand. The marriage is truly a union of two families.

Another dating trend that is a little different than the rest of the world is the concept of chaperoned dating. Mostly done when the marriage has been arranged between two families, it allows the children to meet and learn about each other, but the date is chaperoned by someone from either family. It doesn’t have to be an adult, per se. A sibling will do just fine as a chaperone. In the west, chaperoned dates were very common in the old days. As arranged marriages are quite common in Vietnam, and the girls are willing to marry someone their parents have chosen, it is common to see chaperoned dates taking place in restaurants and coffee shops. Apart from these, there are not a lot of dating trends that are different from the rest of the world. In fact, Vietnam, thanks to media and modernization, is beginning to allow non-chaperoned dates occasionally as well!