Dating Russian Women – Know Their Culture

What attracts a Russian woman more than anything is a guy who’s truly making an effort to learn more about their traditions and culture. It is sad but true that most men interested in online dating have no idea what life was like in the former Soviet Union. If you want to truly impress your online partner, read the tips below on how you can learn more about Russia.

1. Speaking the language

You should start by studying simple sentences and basic grammar rules of the Russian language. It will impress your lady and show her that you’re truly interested in her and it will also be useful for your own personal growth. There are many benefits to speaking your partners language. For one, it will simplify the communication between you two and it will definitely make your future trip to Russia go smoother.You shouldn’t worry about whether your relationship is going to workout or not, what matters is the skill you will always have which could benefit you later on.

2. Read about her traditions

One on the greatest things about being involved with a foreign lady is experiencing new things and getting to know thingslike holiday traditions, famous foods and more. Ask your Russian lady if and how she celebrates major holidays like Christmas or Halloween in Russia, what kind of food she enjoys and what beliefs are most important to her. You could also go to specific cultural events in your neighbourhood, look up recipes of Russian meals online or read books about Russia and Europe.

3. Learn facts about geography and history

Russian WomenIf you are dating a Russian woman, it is useful to study the location and landmarks of largest cities in Russia and get to know the significant events that shaped her nation. You should pay special attention to the county or part of town your partner is from. If you’re not sure how to start, browsing articles on the internet is the way to go. There’s obviously no need to learn every little thing about her nation, but being aware of more than an average guy is will surely impress your Russian lady and make you understand her a lot better.

4. Avoid stereotypes

You should definitely keep an open mind and not believe the typical stereotypes you can hear about Russia. Most girls will likely be annoyed and hurt if their partner recites unfair stereotypes like true facts. Here are a list of common but untrue stereotypes about Russian women:

1. Russian women are gold diggers who only care about money
2. Women from Russia are very poor and want to be saved from their misery
3. All dating sites employ women to chat with foreign guys
4. If a guy spends enough money, he can win the heart of any lady on the internet dating site
5. All Russians are communists

Of course, there are plenty of people out there who symbolise the above mentioned points, however it doesn’t mean that all women from Russia are like that. If you are thinking about learning a lot more about your sweetheart’s culture and nation, you shouldn’t let these false stereotypes get in the way.

If you truly have feelings for the Russian woman you are chatting to, make an effort to learn more about her country.

Studying basic Russian and simple facts about history, culture and geography are an excellent way to do this. Not only will it advantage you personally, you will definitely impress your future Russian wife and honestly, what could possibly be more important than that?

Alex Vidal