Date Ideas Japanese Girls Don’t Even Want to Hear

So, you have met a gorgeous Japanese girl, and you want to take her out on your first date. You can do what a lot of guys do, which is winging it – meaning choose something random, or you can be smarter. Find out more about her culture and learn what you need to avoid at all cost. That’s precisely what this article is all about. We are here to give you an idea what are the worst date ideas you could propose to Japanese girls. Let’s take a look.

1. Karaoke

Japanese girlsThe notorious karaoke. We have all seen how much the Japanese supposedly love karaoke. There are so many movies and tv-shows where we see the same thing deciphered over and over again. One of them being that every Japanese person is crazy for karaoke. In actuality, karaoke may drive some of them crazy. It is probably the most cliche date idea you can come up with and be sure that the Japanese girls don’t even want to hear offer nr. 2.

2. Amusement Parks

A close second on the list of things your Japanese date most likely doesn’t want to have anything to do with is the idea of going to the amusement park. That is something you could offer if you were both 12 years old. For some of them a trip to an amusement park is reserved for friends – they can let off steam and have fun with someone they already know well. If that doesn’t convince you – standing in line waiting for a ride isn’t all that romantic for a first date now is it?

3. A Small Road Trip

If there is anything to know about Japanese women, then it is their modesty. Asking them to go on a road trip, small or not, is a crazy idea. Taking a drive with someone they haven’t spent any time with is nuts in their culture. Propose this when you are already a couple.

In conclusion

If you are interested in international dating, then your approach should be culture specific. Avoid these dating ideas like the plague if you want to get a date with Japanese girls.