Behind The Façade – Dating Wonderful Vietnamese Women

Vietnam has become a popular choice for western men seeking an Asian wife. There are many reason why this can be a very successful partnership; however, it is important to put aside Hollywood images of Vietnamese ladies and understand the changes that have come to Vietnam.

Economic Growth

Vietnam is in the throes of a massive industrialization and development push. With direct rail links to China and considerable from foreign investment from a number a countries, economic prospects for Vietnamese women are improving. The majority of women are therefore not desperate to escape from dire poverty. Education and nutrition have improved remarkably across much of the country.

The average annual salary is still relatively low. If a Vietnamese lady earns more than $4000 per annum, she would be considered to be very successful. This inequity can create awkwardness when you date a Vietnamese lady. These women are usually very proud and the gap in economic and social class can be a major hindrance.

It should therefore be noted that a Vietnamese lady who starts telling you about her financial troubles or asking for money is probably not genuine. A traditional Vietnamese woman would try to hide such problems out of embarrassment.


Wonderful Vietnamese Women

In order to date a Vietnamese lady seriously, you will need approval from her entire family.  Young people are still quite traditional and old people especially so.  A relationship won’t last unless grandma agrees. It is therefore important that you tread carefully early in the relationship and make sure that you are serious enough to make a commitment to her family.

Women who date foreign men

Due to the female shortage in China, an increasing number of wonderful Vietnamese women are marrying Chinese men. Although parents prefer to see their daughters married to Vietnamese men, Chinese men are seen as an acceptable alternative because China is not so far away. Only a limited number of Vietnamese ladies are brave enough to date and marry a western man. It is therefore up to you to prove that you are genuine and worthy.

For men who are seeking a more traditional lady, wonderful Vietnamese women are quite appealing. Take things slowly and prove yourself to the lady’s family in order to create a successful relationship.