dating a Filipina woman

So you are interested in dating a Filipina woman and want to know if there are habits not appreciated by her culture. You have come to the right place – this article is all about advice on dating a Filipina woman. These ladies are very family oriented, and it is an integral part of their everyday lives. Remembering this will help you out in the future. Let’s have a look at what you should keep in mind.

1. Drinking

In the Western world – alcohol plays a role. We celebrate almost everything with booze. It is perfectly acceptable behaviour. In the Filipino culture, it is something that in generally is frowned upon. It is something to ridicule when someone makes themselves look dumb when having had too much to drink. In the West people get it – they were drinking, so what? If you want to get along with the woman’s family, then tone the partying part down.

dating a Filipina woman2. Focusing On Yourself

Individual success is praised in the West. People strive to stand out with their talents and uniqueness. People also expect praise when they have done well. In the Filipino culture, you are expected to be a bit shy when having done something well. You should almost downplay the achievement as not to stand out. Being proud of yourself is seen as arrogant.

3. Secrets

Communication is everything over there. It can almost be tedious because it seems that the locals want to know every little thing about you. For a Westerner, it would be a typical reaction to shy away and not want to continue answering. However, it will not get you far. It is much better to be open. Otherwise, people attribute ulterior motives to you.

4. Complaining

We do a lot of complaining. It’s true, and something accepted in our culture. Freedom of speech and so on. In their culture, people focus much more on doing the job instead of complaining about it. Complaining is a sign of weakness over there, and you don’t want your girl to think you are weak. It can be a fun exercise – just practice not noticing the terrible weather, traffic jams and so on.


Dating a Filipino woman is a pleasant experience if you go about it the right way. Remember our tips and you will have success. Good luck with your dating and come back soon for more dating tips.