How to Avoid Foreign Dating Sites Scams?

Foreign Dating Sites

Having a girlfriend/boyfriend on Online Foreign Dating Sites sure seems tempting! But there are a few points you should get acquainted with. First of all, you need to make sure that your partner`s profile is real and pay special attention on Profile Picture. Profile Picture is both the strongest and weakest link in online dating scams. Apart from the profile picture, here is everything you need to know to avoid Foreign Dating Sites scams!

How a con artist can get you to talk on Foreign Dating Sites

At first, a beautiful person (out of nowhere) tries to contact you and invite you (or send you a friend request) might seem that you`ve scored. But be careful, con artists use glamour snaps to loot their victims. These images look amazing as they are created by professionals. Therefore, if someone appears too hot for you! it`s time to get skeptical.

Foreign Dating SitesThe first thing they say to you is they`ve talked to you before. In most cases, the target replies no! This is where the Con grabs you. They start apologizing and then they use this point to get inside your head.

The last thing they will do to keep you engaged with them is saying that they have fallen in love with you! Well, no one can`t blame you, almost everyone can fall for this one. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled. There is a lot of scamming going on Foreign Dating Sites.

How you can get looted?

You can be scammed in many ways when it comes to Online Foreign Dating Sites. Frankly, you can`t do much after someone takes your money and disappears. Therefore your best option is to know everything about someone before you get personal. Here are three different ways that a con artist will use to ask you for money. Learn about them and try your best to stay away from it!

  1. A girl you talked to on Foreign Dating Sites asks you for money on your second or third chat are probably a con. First, they start luring you by proclaiming their love. This way, you gain your trust fast! Their next move will be getting your confidential information such as Identity Number and Banking information. So be aware!
  2. Most cons say they are American where the truth is, they are working abroad. The next step is they tell you about a tragic incident that just happened and they need some money to get over it. For your own convenience, I will advise you not to send any money to someone you don`t know well.
  3. There are also some con artists who first get into an intimate conversation with you. Later they will threaten you that they will post these conversations public if you don`t send them money. At this point, you have no assurance that you will be safe after paying the money. Therefore, it is best to know someone well before getting personal.