There are more ways than one to find love. You can use online portals, go for casual dating or go on AsianDate’s Romance Tours to find the woman of your dreams. A Romance Tour is set up by professionals from that takes foreign guys to specific countries where they attend social gatherings to meet Asian women that have been pre-screened by the same agency.

AsianDates puts together tours to Changsha or Shenzhen in China and also to Cebu, Philippines.

What happens on these tours? 

There are 2 main activities in Romance Tours:

1. Socials – like we described earlier, these are social gatherings created so a man can meet several women from China or the Philippines in one trip. It is a huge time saver and also a ton of fun with set activities and games. You don’t need to do anything else but show up at these events. The ladies there are interested in meeting you and it is nearly impossible to not find someone since the ratio of AsianDate's Romance Toursmale to female is usually 1:5.

2. A Tour of the City – This is a huge added bonus to the package. The guys get a tour around the city by a local expert and if you should want to you can bring a date to this tour as well. The tour visits great historical sites with iconic architecture, beautiful parks and so forth.

When do these tours happen?

The best idea is to contact the AsianDate customer service and make an inquiry. You can also visit the site and get information about past tours. Maybe you can pick where you want to go from there.

Romance Tour Details has over two decades of experience in the online dating industry. You can bet that you are in great hands. In the booking stage you can choose where you want to stay, book translation services and so on. Find out more at