Advice For Men Wanting to Meet Chinese Women Offline

If you are interested in dating Asian women and Chinese women in particular, then this article is perfect for you. Meeting these ladies can be trickier than one expects. There are many differences between the Eastern and Western cultures. That especially in the area of dating. In today’s article, we take a look at what guys should know about dating Chinese women offline. Let’s get started.

1. Meeting Through Acquaintances

Chinese womenMost Chinese couples have met through someone they know. Be it a family member, a co-worker or just a friend. Meeting through circles is the way they like to go about dating. So, if you want to meet someone, you need someone to set up a date. That is why building a large social circle is important. Note that blind dates are also acceptable for Chinese ladies. That is as long as they are set up by someone they know.

2. Dating Parties

That may leave you a little puzzled. What is a dating party? It turns out it is nothing different from a Singles Night. It is the ideal place to go because everyone there is looking for a mate. It is okay to approach any woman you want without thinking about reasons to say hello. You need someone who has intel on how to get into these parties. Usually, there are plenty of those in every circle.

3. The Streets

Most Chinese women do not go out with a perfect stranger. But it never hurts to try. If you haven’t been in the country for long and don’t know too many people, then use this approach. You can play the foreigner card. Walk up to someone who interests you and ask for directions. Don’t ask her out alone right away. Express interest in meeting her and her friends somewhere casual.


If you are interested in meeting Chinese women, then these are the best tips for you. Try meeting someone through a friend, attend a dating party or use the foreigner approach. Whichever way you choose, remember that respect is the most important thing to these ladies. Don’t bluntly ask someone you don’t know out.