visiting Russia

In the online dating world, Russian women rank very high. All thanks to the qualities they possess. Let us assume that you have met a gorgeous Russian woman and are interested in taking a trip for your first in-person meeting. This article provides helpful tips that will be of use when you start seriously planning.

1. You need a visa to get into the country.

Doesn’t matter where you are from, Americas, any European country, Asia and so on – you will need a visa to get into Russia. It is in fact compulsory for all nations. When you want to get a visa, visit a Russian consulate in your country in order to secure it. It is because every country may have their own requirements for this visa. Also make sure you save enough time for getting your visa.visiting Russia

2. Language issues

While many countries around the world use English to communicate with people from other countries, Russia still pretty much doesn’t. All thanks to the wonderful history of Russia vs the West. It would be great if your date spoke the language well but if she doesn’t, you need to make some adjustments. Remember to speak slower and try not to use language too sophisticated. You can also consider investing in an electronic translator with the Russian language encoded in it. Another good idea is to Skype as much as you can so you can develop your own communication style that makes it easier for you to understand each other.

3. Accommodation

You can easily book a home over the web while at home. It will be ready for the time you arrive. You can ask your special someone for recommendations as well. Ask for the hotels that are up to your standards and are also close to where she lives. If you were thinking about crashing at her place then we urge you to reconsider. The relationship you have is still very new and young and staying in the same house together may put unnecessary strain on it. If she insists you stay with her then just be polite and decline. You can offer your explanation about why you think it is better this way.

4. Transportation

The majority of Russian use public transport while foreigners take taxis for convenience. If possible ask your girl to pick you up at the airport or have her arrange someone to do so. You can also request a pick up from the hotel. Taxis from the airport cost quite a lot as we all know. All the money you save on getting around town is the more money you have for dates with your gorgeous Russian woman.