A friend is flirting with my husband. She cheats on all her partners, so I don’t trust her

I find it hard to believe any man would not want sex with her, but won’t confront her unless she goes further. Annalisa Barbieri advises a reader

One of my oldest and closest friends seems attracted to my husband. She is not overtly inappropriate, and I feel her behaviour is unaware / unconscious, but she gives him a lot of attention, giggles at most things he says, follows him with her gaze around a room and although I can’t blame her for fancying him – he is amazing – it is starting to affect my friendship with her.

I think I would find it easier if I didn’t suspect she could, if drunk one night, be hugely inappropriate towards him. She has cheated on all her partners and it makes me distrust that she is capable of controlling her instincts. It doesn’t help that she is also very beautiful and openly sensual, and I find it hard to believe any man wouldn’t want to sleep with her. I thought maybe it was my insecurities making me imagine the dynamic (family history has led to a huge fear of abandonment), but when I talked with my husband, he said he had noticed it, too, but that it was totally one-sided.

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