It is very easy to get caught in the moment when you are online dating. There is something about the web that makes us lose some of our inhibition. When we are in that state, we aren’t paying attention to the quality of the experience we are having. We are also not thinking about what we come across like to the other person.

This article is all about online dating mistakes one wants to avoid. Use this advice and your online dating experience will be much better.

1. Grammar!

online datingSounds incredibly basic but it’s true. When we are dating in the real world grammar is not too much of an issue. However, in the online dating world, it is hugely important. Bad grammar puts people off, and it is only excusable (to some extent) if English isn’t your first language. If you’re dating Ukrainian women, for example, then you will look past the little mistakes they make, right? There is no excuse for someone who was born in an English speaking country.

2. The “How are you” cliché.

While it may sound counter-intuitive – this question isn’t a good conversation starter if you think about it. How would you answer this question if it was asked of you? Probably with something like: “I’m great. How are you?”. You want to draw people in instead of boring them. How about going through the person’s profile and asking a question about an interesting hobby they have listed there?

3. Focusing on yourself.

It makes sense that you want to impress the person you chose for chatting but don’t make it all about you. Your achievements are all good and well, but the women expect you to be interested in them. Here again, you should go through her profile and ask her questions about her life.

4. Room to breathe.

So you’ve come across a very attractive-seeming person. She seems to have everything you are looking for so you send her a message. If she doesn’t respond in 24 hours, you send another one. And another one if she doesn’t respond in a couple of days. Do you realize how it’s beginning to look like your a bit of an online dating stalker?

5. Broken hearts.

The fifth point is tied to the previous one. It is okay to have negative feelings when you don’t get a response from someone when we’re online dating. Somehow it is worse if the person is attractive to us. Feeling a little down is natural but writing to them and letting them know how wrong they were by not answering you is just creepy. Don’t be that guy.