So you have decided that you want to date Asian women. It sounds like a simple task because you’ve been dating before, right? What people often forget to take into account is that dating someone from a different culture can pose a unique set of obstacles. What do you know about Asian cultures? Will the approach you have had success with before work here?

This article gives you an idea of what are some of the most important things to keep in mind when dating Asian women.

1. Friendship Matters

Asian womenIn Asia, people are often set up by their friends. Asking someone out in a cafe or on the streets is a rather uncommon thing. Networking is, therefore, key. Luckily making friends in Asia isn’t a difficult task. As long as you respect the locals and their culture of course.

2. Playing Hard to Get

Easy is not a word that describes men or women in the Asian dating market. It is a much more serious business for them. Both like to be chased which may feel strange at first. You want to take on the role of the chaser. As a foreigner, you have some advantages of getting ahead.

3. Group Dates

As mentioned before – it isn’t that common that Asian women will go out with someone who randomly asks them. It makes much more sense for them to go out as a group of friends first. Have some get together like that and then ask the lady of your interest to go out with you alone.

4. Common Ground

Opposites attract – a saying that works best in the West. In Asia what you want is common ground. Your job on the date is to make your date feel as comfortable as possible. A great topic of conversation is discussing the person who set you two up. From there you can venture to hobbies, goals, values and so on.


Asian dating scene is quite different from that of the West. You want to do more research so dates would go smoother. Good luck with dating Asian women and come back soon for more Asian dating tips.