Let’s say you’ve noticed a seriously cute Asian girl but you aren’t too sure how to approach her. You may even be the kind of guy that has watched a lot of anime in his lifetime and is a sucker for Asian food. You may even see yourself as an Asian trapped in a westerner’s body and you think all you know is enough to approach her but you’ve suffered several set backs.

What you need to do is conduct research into the Asian culture and figure out what are the things Asian girls are really tired of hearing:

“What type of Asian are you?” or “Are you Japanese, Chinese or Korean?”

This is a huge NO-NO question. It’s like approaching a dark skinned person and asking them which part of Africa they are from. It is offensive and simply a form of racism. Simply because they look Asian doesn’t mean they were born there or live there now. How tired would you get if people constantly hinted that you don’t actually belong there. Lots of Asians have migrated to the UK, US and Europe. Try looking at it this way – say you’re a white guy born in some Asian country and people throughout your life will ask you where in Europe or America are you from. You’re automatically in a “white” box and people bother you because of it. Is that fair?

“What does my tattoo say?” (provided the person has a character tattoo)

To someone who doesn’t know anything about Asian languages every writing seems similar. Lots of Westerners get tattoos based on how adorable it looks, or what they themselves think it means. There are so many different languages in Asia and so many variations of those that it makes no sense to ask someone who’s Asian what a random character means. It’s like asking someone from the UK to read Russian or Greek letters since they look a little similar. You’d get tired of this nonsense very fast.

“How can you eat dog meat?” or “Do you eat dog meat?”

With that you’re kind of stating that there is something wrong with dog meat being a delicacy in some regions in Asia. It doesn’t apply to most regions though, and any particular cute Asian girl you may be talking to could love dogs and have a few at home. Imagine how horrible that may sound to them.
If she happens to be that kind of girl then it’s better if you wait for her to tell you. Just don’t ask this question.

“How come Asian women are so skinny?”

With this question you are basically saying that there is something wrong with how they look. The answer though lies in genetics – most Asians are born with fast metabolisms that help them burn the carbs they ingest. Also it is very popular with the youth in ASia to be very active. That helps a lot with staying in great shape. Biological traits, healthy eating and adding physical activity to their lives – perfect recipe for great looks.

Remember What Not to Ask

If you’re interested in dating Asian girls you need to do more research into that culture. Provided that you do want to keep from messing everything up by asking unbelievably offensive questions. Come back soon for more Asian dating tips.