dating Asian ladies

Lots of westerners have many misconceptions when it comes to Asian culture and dating Asian ladies. Some of the misconceptions are negative while others very positive. The point of today’s post is to inform you about some of the myths and realities about the Asian dating culture. This will help you a great deal if you’re interested in dating these amazing ladies.

1. Asian women are submissive and that’s why they make good wives

It is true that Asian women are raised in a culture that is still very traditional and lots of these traditions are still valudating Asian ladiesed. Recent times have brought some new attitudes there though and these days more Asian women are interested in finishing their studies and trying out a career. That doesn’t mean they are less interested in creating a family and taking care of it. It just means they are more conscious about their options and have higher standards for their lives than their mothers did.

We can easily call the title of this point a myth. Being interested in taking care of a home and doing chores doesn’t make a person submissive. It is possible to do all of that while still being very independent.

2. A foreign man is the way Asian women get to move out of the country

This is definitely a myth. Asian women work hard and are very smart with money and can find a way to move somewhere else if they please. However there are some cases where some women can use online dating for escaping and their intentions are therefore dishonest. Luckily the number of people engaging in this is small and online dating sites these days are very good at catching and banning scammers.

3. All Asian women are shy, sweet and innocent

It is probably thanks to the western movies that so many men think of Asian women as these quiet, shy and easily led little girls. Unfortunately that is the general understanding and lots of guys want to be with someone like that. The truth is that all people have different personalities and there are so many different cultures in Asia and that plays a role in how people behave. These ladies all have their own unique personalities and one shouldn’t generalize over them.

4. Asian women are easy to get into relationship with

This is quite a generalization that gives off the impression of Asian women as these submissive and easily led little girls. We don’t mean to say that getting into a relationship is somehow extra difficult. What we mean is that they are much more traditional than you think. It happens often that they want to save themselves for the wedding night and you have to meet the parents very early on in the relationship. Everything is much more formal than you’re used to.

Remember These Differences

As you can see these 4 myths can all be debunked. If you’re seriously interested in dating Asian women you should do more research into their culture on your own. Also come back soon for more articles on different dating cultures.