Often people think that they need to work on their online dating profile only once – when they create the profile, and that is it. That isn’t enough. It is vital that you have a look at your profile now and then and update it. Research has shown that people who update their profile more often get more kits and are more likely to get a date.

So what are some of the changes you should make to your online dating profile? We have created a small checklist for you.

1. Upload recent pictures to your profile.online dating

Having a profile picture that is recent is an absolute must. It is disappointing to people to find out that they are talking to someone who looks different from what they thought. Also, dating experts have found that having more recent pictures in your gallery helps with getting dates. Especially if the photos depict a person engaging in one of their hobbies.

2. Update the “about me” section.

Our interests and hobbies can change over time. If you want to attract someone who matches you perfectly, then you should update this section as well. Show that you are dynamic and that you take on new challenges in life.

3. Updating your gallery.

Your gallery should give the right impression of who you are as a person. If you only add pictures from parties, then you’re going to come across as someone only interested in partying and drinking. Galleries also function as a way to break the ice between people. If you want to write to someone then have a look at their gallery – perhaps you share something in common.

4. Updating the “Who I want to meet” section.

Updating this section is optional. It depends on if your preferences have changed or remained the same. If last year you were looking to have a good time and this year you are looking for a long term relationship then write that up. It will make finding a person with the same goal much easier.


Revisiting your online dating profile and making necessary changes will pay off greatly in the end. It may sound like a lot of effort but in reality, it isn’t. And after all – it’s all in the name of love anyway.