Chinese online date

If you are reading this article then you most likely are very interested in dating a Chinese woman online and you are curious about if there is a way to impress her when you are half a world away. We are here to explain to you the best ways to do that.

Before we get into this, there is something important you must realize – in the Asian culture, actions speak much louder than words. You need to be mindful of this. That is not to say that there is no place for emotional projection – there definitely is but the action gets more respect than just the talking part. The following ways are based on actions you should take when you want to impress a Chinese woman online:

1. Send flowers and small presents

Asian dateBecause you two met online, you can’t do a lot in the action department other than showing her that she is on your mind and you are
constantly making an effort to make it work. You can use the services of the online dating site you are signed up on, that is if they are high quality and offer the opportunity to bring women flowers and little presents to their work or home. You can bet that your date will appreciate this.

2. Start a conversation

There are three ways you can do that online: email, chatting and video conferencing. At first you will probably be communicating at random times like when you happen to see that you’re both online at the exact same time. As time goes on, after you have developed an understanding, you’re probably going to have a schedule for when you two can talk. When that time comes – do take the lead. It is important that you do. We aren’t suggesting that you need to be forceful but send the first message, suggest the schedule first, email first and so on.

3. Take a trip to visit her

Travelling to a new country for meeting someone for the first time is a huge deal and it carries a big meaning. To a Chinese woman, visiting her in person shows that you are serious and committed. Once you have arrived she will surely appreciate your efforts of travelling across the globe just to spend time with her. Make sure you do this when both of you are ready. Otherwise it will have the opposite effect.

Remember these tips

Remember our advice: less words and more action. If you start an online relationship with a Chinese woman like this your relationship will be successful. Let us know how our tips have worked for you and come back soon for more online dating tips.