Asian beauty

There are so many Asian dating portals out there and so many profiles to go through but there is always that one, that will catch your attention right away. Let’s say it’s a real Asian beauty who has interests that are very similar to your own. Even her dislikes are similar to yours and she has written about herself in the most captivating way you’ve ever seen. You start typing a message right away and send it out. A couple of hours passes and there is no reply. A whole day passes and still nothing. You wait for another day and send another message but still get nothing in return. Are there ways you can get her to reply to your messages since you really are that into her?

First of all, let us give you an A for your effort because you patiently waited for a day before you sent another message(if that was your case). So what are the things you can do? The answers are quite simple: Asian beauty

What to do if Your Asian Beauty Isn’t Responding?

1. Wait

Patiently wait! There is no limit when someone can or should answer your message in online dating. All you must do is patiently wait. Perhaps she hasn’t read the message just yet or the net is really slow in her area. In any case, there are so many factors that contribute to why she may not be responding. If it has been over two days you can call it off and just move on to someone else. But who knows. You may still get a response in a week!

2. Have a Look at What You Wrote

Here’s another tactic we’ve figured works: revise your message. How come? There is a chance that your chosen girl may not know how to express herself very well in English. You may have wanted to impress her and wrote a really difficult letter with 3-paragraph. Try to keep it much more simple than that. This should definitely give you more responses. How about just writing: “Hi! How are you?”

3. Be Yourself

This is a very important point: Asian women aren’t attracted to cocky attitude. Things are a bit different in the Western world where it’s seen as confidence but in Asia it won’t work. If you’re message was a bit arrogant and you were kind of full of yourself there’s no point in trying to fix it and sending a new one. Just keep this point in mind when you’re writing to a new girl.


Read your Asian beauty‘s profile very carefully. There may be clues on there – about what she’s into in guys and what she isn’t. Try to compose a short simple message from that point and you should get a response in no time.