Chinese woman

For some reason it is much easier to make huge decisions when love is involved. It is even easier when you are in online dating. This article is for all the guys dating a Chinese woman and considering taking the big step.

Most communication in online dating does take place over the web: there are the emails, live chats, video chats and so on. You actually meet the person only a couple of times and that makes it really easy to get swept away by those precious moments. For example – let’s say you’ve been online dating someone for a year and you are finally going to meet in person. The feeling you have seem so real that you think it is time to pop the question. Before you do that, consider the following:

1. Spend more time together

Chinese womanEven if it feels like you’ve already spent tons of time with each other, the web doesn’t replace the real world. You want to be as realistic about it as you possibly can so face to face meetings are the best. The advantages of this are obvious: you are going to be able to tel if the sparks are real and how your communication really is.

2. Figure out where you are in the relationship

You may feel absolutely ready for this step but how about her? It is vital to figure this out beforehand. Don’t focus on how good the online relationship has been. Instead take into account how you feel around her in the offline world. How well you do through ups and downs together is a great indicator for how well the relationship will do.

3. Cultural differences

There are plenty of differences between the Eastern and Western cultures and they have broken up a number of couples. People think that love will conquer all and forget to take serious factors into account. What do you know about her coping skills and how easily she would blend into your culture? How are your coping skills? Spend more time together to get to know each other.


These are a couple of the most important things to think about before marrying a Chinese woman. Make sure you spend time and figure out what your answers to all these points are. Come back soon for more dating tips.